New Music This Week That’s Stuck On Replay Cos They Are So Good!

We don’t know about you but when we hear new music, we get so excited!!

This week, we heard several songs from different artistes but these are the ones we just can’t stop playing over and over again this weekend!

Kojo Manuel ft Quamina MP, Lil Shaker and Ginja – Time

Everyone knows Quamina MP is the extra spice for any song that is a jam and his voice on the chorus is EVERYTHING!!! We all know Kojo Manuel as a badass MC who brings the life to every party but on this song, he proved that he’s got some bars!!!! Watch him talk about this song here: Kojo Manuel on Kuulpeeps’ FRAMED

And listen to the song here:

Lil Shaker – Low Battery

The song isn’t the usual Lil Shaker song. It’s got nothing comedic but the one word we will describe it with is…beautiful.The self-produced Lil Shaker song is soothing, calming and almost spiritual mostly because of the words in the song and the production style. We are definitely hitting replay on this song for a very long time.

Listen to the song here:

Quamina MP – Wo Y3 Guy

Quamina MP’s Wo Y3 Guy will get you in your feelings and at the same time make you jam! He toned down the jam level and gave us the best love song in GH right now!

Watch the video here:

OV – Forward

Special shadout to OV. She dropped this last weekend but it’s been on our minds since then! OV has been quiet on new music for a while and dropping Forward made us super excited! The song, a typical Afro swing style is an inspirational song that’s definitely doing what it was intended for: inspire and motivate every young person that listens to it.

She dropped an amazing video directed by Akwadaa Nyame as well:


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