Coronavirus: Three Footballers Test Positive In Italy

The US Pianese, a soccer club in the Italian region of Tuscany, has confirmed that three of its players plus one of its staff members have tested positive for coronavirus, according to a statement.

The club has not released the names for the four patients.

The first case, a football player, was assisted by the team’s doctor after showing symptoms such as fever and headache on Saturday, and was later transferred to Siena’s Hospital, the statement says. 

After that, the team “followed the instructions of the Ministry of Health” and the staff was put on quarantine and underwent a swab test.

The results revealed that three more people tested positive: two football players who are asymptomatic and quarantined in their own homes and a collaborator who was taken to Siena’s hospital by ambulance after spending Thursday night with a high fever.

“As of now, every player, technical staff and managers present at the events of last weekend are in a 15-day fiduciary quarantine, in their own homes, and no one is showing symptoms of the COVID-19”, the club stated on Facebook.

US Pianese’s President, Maurizio Sani, has also put himself on quarantine voluntarily, the statement added.

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source: CNN

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