3 Important Reasons Why The Withdrawal Method Is Not Enough


Pulling out method or pulling out game as some people will like to call it, is also known as the withdrawal method.

Just as the name implies, it means removing or ejecting the penis from the vagina before ejaculation.

Most people would say they want to ‘feel’ you or they prefer ‘skin to skin’ so they would rather have sex without protection and as soon as they feel they are about to ejaculate they would pull out.

Here is the thing, you put yourself at potential risk when you engage in this method because most time, in the heat of the moment, your partner is already deep into the sex and is totally enjoying it making them forget to pull out.

Practice safe sex, get tested regularly, get birth control methods; these are the only ways you can protect your sexual health

Well, here are the reasons why you should not engage in pull out method:

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