VIDEO: Wanlov Swims Naked In The Sea To Raise Awareness On Plastic Waste

Wanlov has been a staunch campaigner for the environment for a very long time.

Wanlov and Sister Deborah have always campaigned against single used plastics, supported conservative efforts and campaigned against projects that cut down trees or are basically harmful to the environment.

In his latest campaign efforts aimed at raising awareness of plastic waste and its devastating effects in the environment, Wanlov swam in the Gulf of Guinea naked.

The video was shot and edited by Kwame Appah.

Dr Nii Korley Kortei and Dr Lydia Quansah in an article published on Graphic Online on September 19, 2016, concluded that per capita generation of plastic waste in Ghana stood at 0.016–0.035 kg/person/day, with plastics making up between eight and nine per cent of the component materials in the waste stream.

Additionally, over 10,000 tonnes of finished plastic products are imported annually into Ghana.

They cited records from the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) which indicate that out of the more than 2,500 tonnes of waste generated daily, only 1,125 tonnes representing 45 per cent, is collected. The remaining 55 per cent, mainly plastics, remain in the system.

Obviously this results in plastics becoming environmental health problem


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