Check Out These 7 Places In Accra Where You Can Get A Piercing

Detail Of The Pierced Ear Of A Mulato Woman. Accessory, African, Afro, Beautiful, Beauty, Cool, Dyed, Ear, Earring, Ethnic, Ethnicity, Fashionable, Hairstyle, Latina, Mixed race, Multiracial, Pierced, Piercing, Style, Stylish, Tattoo, Tomboy, Urban, Young, Youth Portrait of a fashionable mulato woman with tattoos and a hipster, alt look.

Ghanaian youth are becoming more and more adventurous and questioning everything.

We grew up hearing things like people who have piercings and tattoos are bad and for women, they’re prostitutes but we’ve grown to see that the people who have these things are just normal people like us, who want to have them. There’s nothing extraordinary about it and it is what it is.

If you’ve been thinking about a piercing or tattoo studio but don’t know where to get it done then you’re at the right place.

We’ve gotcha! Here are the different places you can pierce here in Accra.

Click on the numbers below to navigate through the pages.


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