This Is Why Gasmilla Is One Of The Greatest Artistes Of All Time According To This Twitter User

Yesterday, a Twitter user, @Afadjato did something humans forget to do: Give accolades to someone who deserves it.

He put out a whole thread on Gasmilla and we cannot help but agree with every single word he’s said!

According to Afadjato’s twitter, the whole point of the thread was to highlight Gasmilla’s genius. “He’s kept the azonto genre alive even when it would have died. He deserves all the accolades chale. Listening to him makes me happy”

@afadjato: Let’s start with when Gasmilla took up a fight with the Govt because they weren’t recognising the labour of fishermen through award schemes like they do for farmers.

PS: months later, an award was given to the best fisherman by the government.

@afadjato: Haters will say this wasn’t the BEST azonto song out there. And, as usual, haters will be lying.


Q: What’s a Gasmilla song/video without some humour? A: Non-existent. Only our Ga king can make a song about farting and make it sound good. (The plot twist at the end of this video was excellent)

Throwback to when Gasmilla hit us with a heartbreak song that still makes me enter my feelings.

@afadjato: Gasmilla the lyrical extraordinaire. Ga rapper of the century.

@afadjato: And then there’s 3 points. Another classic. This nigga Gasmilla is a genius you know?

@afadjato: Another heartbreak song by Gasmilla. This guy can make you dance while you’re in your feels. Hook it


@afadjato: My favourite thing about Gasmilla songs is that they always tell a story. Both the lyrics and the music video. I think that’s very underrated.

(Give the song a few minutes…the real jam drops at 1:00)

reactions to the thread have been amazing!

Even Gasmilla replied to the thread:

Listen to his newest project, Sea Son on all platforms here: Sea Son

Follow him on Twitter (@Gasmillawins) Instagram (@Gasmillawins) Facebook (@Gasmillawins) and find all his music and videos on Youtube (Gasmilla Official)


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