“Konami Code” Creator Kazuhisa Hashimoto Has Passed Away

image via Konami

Kazuhisa Hashimoto, the video game developer behind the famed “Konami Code,” has passed away at the age of 70. Officially announced on Konami’s Twitter, Hashimoto was responsible for the “up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A” cheat code that has been used by gamers all over the world to unlock Easter eggs.

The late video game developer created the code back in 1986 while working on porting Konami’s flagship scrolling shooter Gradius from the arcade to the Nintendo Entertainment System. Hashimoto created the code after finding the game too difficult but had forgotten to remove his bypass before the game was released to the public. When entered during the pause screen, players received every power-up in the game. Despite considerations to remove the Konami Code, fears that the removal of the code would break the game ultimately led it to stay in the game.

Throughout the years, the “Konami Code” was included in iconic game franchises like Contra, Castlevania, Metal Gear, and Dance Dance Revolution to deliver gamers with exclusive perks and unlock secret elements.

Source: Hypebeast

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