Get Up Close And Personal With The Ghanaian Model, Dela Anku

Priscilla Delali Anku

Modelling when done right can be a lucrative business and lots of models have found this out and are cashing in on it.

As easy as it would seem to be, modelling can be quite difficult. Sometimes you do jobs pro-bono and trust that whoever you’ve worked for will pay but they eventually cut you off and block you so you can’t reach them anymore but they’ll keep using your pictures. There are those people who will pay half the amount and will keep giving you stories until you give up on your own money you’ve earned.

There are some brands who wouldn’t even want to pay you because they are huge. The only thing they would offer you will be “exposure”. All these and more are some of the reasons why you cannot rely on this industry for your daily bread.

The model we are putting the spotlight on today is both a student and a designer. She owns the brand “Simisa” which provides ready to wear and some customized pieces for ladies. She has worked with brands such as Woodin Fashion, Beauty Marked and Co Nokware Skincare and Daniks Peters and also photographers like Dext Dee Studios, Phloshop and Charlene Asare. Give it up for Dela Anku!!

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