13 Exciting Shows On TV We All Ran Home To Watch As Kids

90s kids only!!

Remember when we’d close from school and rush home to watch certain TV shows??? If you never had to do this dierr then you missed out a lot!!

These shows, mostly reality shows and Game shows made our childhood lit!


We just cannot remember the show title for this but it had kids with headbands singing “Kwasasa!” “Kwasasa!” “Kwasasa yo!” when a team did a great job and “Kwasa mooo” when the team lost!


Image result for kyekyekule uncle George
George Laing popularly known as Uncle George

Everyone loved watching Uncle George on this show!! Remember screaming “Kyekyekule! Kyeyyy kule!!!!”

Keysoap Concert Party

Image result for Key Soap concert party
Agya Koo on Keysoap Concert Party

Everyone loved watching this show! It was such a comic relief! From Abenkwan, Nkomode and Bob Okala!!!! This show was where all the comedians came to unite and they were funny!! And oh…this was how Agya Koo, Santo and Judas were discovered!

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