WYD, NBS And Other Popular Abbreviations People Use In Texts…Explained

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Every single person texts these days even your parents! And one of the basic things about texting is the use of abbreviations.

Jut in case you are new to texting or you’re a parent who wants to be ‘hip’ or you just want to understand what your kids are texting…

These are the most common ones being used right now!

LOL – Laugh out loud

It mostly means the person is laughing but 90% of the time, it is sent with a straight face so…don’t trust it. It doesn’t always mean you are a little funny. Sometimes it also means “I’m mad at you but I am not in the mood to talk too much”

Loool – Laught out out out loud

The more the Os the funnier you are and sometimes, the more the Os are means your crush likes you too!!

LMAO – Laughing my ass out

This is an amplified version of Lol. If anyone you text Laugh Out Loud then it means something is very very funny and not worth a measly Lol. If your crush sends you this, you have definitely scored some points.

TTYL – Talk to you later

No one really uses this anymore. Everyone just says bye or uses the kissy face emoji to end the conversation. Actually, who are we kidding? People don’t end conversations anymore. They just ghost and disappear.

NBS – No be small

This is a localized acronym for texts. We cannot explain what it means but here’s an example in a sentence “Nbs fans you are giving me right now”

NBE – No be easy

Uni and adulting is very hard so anytime you get the chance to complain about something, just add “nbe” or if someone is stunting on you…”Nbe”. Here’s an example: Kency2020 dierrr nbe ooo, luxury cars upon cars!!

WYD – What you doing? (What are you doing?)

Beware of this text! It was supposed to be an innocent word that just meant what’s up but now, the filthy young people have used the word to mean “can I come over?”

GM – Good Morning

GA – Good Afternoon

GN – Goodnight

ASAP – As Soon As Possible

If we have to eplain this..you really shaa

AF – A F*ck

Most people only use it to place emphasis on something they are saying. Example: It’s hot af in Ghana!

IHU – I hear you

Anyone who sends you this is either mad at you, does not believe what you are saying, is tired of you or has zero interest in you!

OMG – Oh My God!

We cannot use the Lord’s name in vain so anytime we get shocked or surprised or excited, OMG!

HBD – Happy Birthday

People who send you this on your birthday do not love you

WULLNP – Wishing you long life and prosperity

Shoot anyone who sends you this cos they clearly don’t care enough!

BRB – Be right back

People still disappear these days so you may never get a BRB but if you do, they definitely won’t be right back. They probably won’t come back after a couple of days.

SMH – Shaking my head

This has several meanings depending on the context of the conversation. It never means NO, it usually means “You are so dumb I cannot believe I am texting you” It can also mean “you are stupid” but in a good way! Sometimes it also means “I have nothing to say to you anymore”.

NVM – Never Mind

Lol if you are in a relationship and you get this, blow up your partner’s phone because he/she bore!

STFU – Shut the f*ck up

Don’t send this if you aren’t very close to the person!

ILY/ILU – I love you

Anyone who really loves you won’t send you an abbreviated version of their love for you! Ah charle!

IKR – I know right?!

This just means they agree with whatever you are saying!

??? – I’m confused

Or sometimes, what you are saying is just pure bs!

Bs – Bullsh*t

Refer to the previous definition for an example on how to use this!

BTW – By The Way

Idc – I don’t care

HRU – How Are You?

Idgaf – I don’t give a f*ck

This is just idc on steroids lol

Foh – F*ck outta here

It’s a polite way of saying forkoff

DM – Direct Message

This is how people make friends and eat themselves in Whatsapp groups

Idk – I don’t know

GBU – God Bless You

Which ones do you use often?

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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