Here’s How To Say 5 Pidgin Phrases Like The Queen Of England

Pidgin can get addictive and older people and teachers keep going on and on about how students are always mixing it up in their exams.

Even in the workplace, people still get confused and weave in the pidgin in a serious presentation but…we are here to save you…extravagantly.

These are 5 random things we easily say in pidgin and their English equivalent!

PS: we didn’t just pick the basic words. We chose the ones that just might simultaneously make people feel dumb and make them impressed!!!

Now you can tell them you only used pidgin cos you know they can’t handle your English prowess!


Non sequitur [non se·qui·tur] – a statement that does not logically follow what has been said before

Part of Speech: Noun

Sentence Example: Her comment about dogs was a real non sequitur when we’d been talking about going to the beach

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