Here’s Everything To Know About The Iconic Photographer, Aboya

Image via @aboya.8 on Instagram

Photography isn’t just about the beauty and wedding shoots; photography also involves creativity and conceptual shots. It’s really not all about the retouching and editing skills but also about the concept. Once the concept and the shot are fire, you’re good to go.

Michael Aboya is one of the iconic and creative photographers Ghana has. His pictures are always different, stunning and out of the box. His captions communicate what his pictures say and encourage you to think deeply.

He recently won “The Best Photo of the Year” by Agora Images. The Awards saw the submission of 130,000 images from photographers all over the world and these submissions were narrowed down to just 15 images with Michael being a part of.

Here are some of the things you didn’t know about him and some of his viral pictures.

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