VIDEO: Sister Deborah Explains Why Age Did Not Influence Her Split From Medikal

Medikal Sister Deborah

Age was nothing but a number for Sister Deborah and Medikal when they two were going out.

Social media users often teased the two about their age difference.

In 2018 when they broke up, Sister Deborah was 34 years old while Medikal was 25 years old.

However, in a recent interview which was streamed live on Sister Deborah’s Instagram account, none of that mattered to Medikal and her.

Once again… age was just a number for them.

Though Sister Deborah said she didn’t mind the age, she added that Medikal had to convince her for a long time before she agreed to be in a relationship with him.

“I wasn’t easily convinced but Medikal was like it doesn’t matter,” Sister Deborah said.

According to her, Medikal assured her that “he is matured” and that “he has been with older people before”.

He even asked, “why am I worried about that?” Sister Deborah explained.

This why she refuses to accept the rumours that their age difference played a role in Medikal sneaking around with Fella Makafui.

Sister Deborah said before Medikal, she had “dated younger people. It’s just natural.”

“Older people don’t approach me. I don’t have any old man in my DM,” she added.

Age is just a number… or?


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