Sister Derby Debunks Rumours That Her Cooking Skills Caused Her Breakup With Medikal

Sister Deborah Medikal

When Sister Deborah and Medikal broke up in 2018 a lot of ‘reasons why’ were circulated.

Their age difference among other things was rumoured to have been the cause of the breakup.

Others also chose a more outdated reason why… the woman’s cooking skills or lack of it.

Once again, her supposed relevance in the relationship was reduced to how well she managed the kitchen.

Not the industry connections and the entry to high profile places that Medikal’s relationship with Sister Deborah might have made possible – nope it was about her ability to cut a few onions and fry an egg that people used to justify the reason why Medikal reportedly cheated on her with Fella Makafui.

Watch as Sister Deborah dispel the rumours that because she couldn’t cook Medikal left her for Fella Makafui:


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