You Need These 5 Hair Products And Tools If You Want To Go Natural

Image via: @thefrotales on Instagram

Deciding to go natural on its own is a struggle. You would have to cut your long permed hair off and focus on the little natural left. Combing the hair is stressful and what’s worse is when you go to a salon where the hairdressers don’t have enough patience for your hair. They comb and handle it anyhow until you finally decide that you cannot endure it anymore and you perm again.

There is also the case of you thinking your hair does not grow despite all the efforts you put into it. Don’t worry about that. Your natural hair expert is here to give you hair products you should have, to help manage your hair and keep it healthy. Remember, your natural hair doesn’t necessarily have to hurt when you comb it.

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  1. Thanks for the tips . My hair is really sorry soft and brittle, it breaks so easily regards of the strengthening hair products I use. Don’t know if there’s something I can do in addition to this. Thanks

    • Hello. Everyone’s hair is different and you should treat your hair as such. Natural hair usually breaks when dry so you should try moisturizing your hair with water and using leave-in conditioner. They make your hair softer and easier to comb and handle. Have you tried this yet?


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