#NaughtyCorner: This Is What Some People Do To Turn Their Partners On

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Kuulpeeps.com dropped the first episode of Naughty Corner this February and we know you all laughed when you saw it.

If you haven’t seen it, you slack but thank God for the internet because the episodes are still available for you!! (and we have a whole explainer here for you)

The show Naughty Corner is not what you think! Okay maybe it is what you think…a little.

We caught a couple of young people (maybe someone you know is one) and asked them a few naughty questions!

Naughty questions because that’s the socially approved uncensored word for sexual

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Anyway, we asked some people to tell us what their go-to move to turn someone on was and lol wow!!

The answers were quite enlightening. It’s interesting what people do to turn their partners on!

We know you definitely thought of something the minute you read the question too and we are interested in your answers (comment, let us know) but first, watch what these people had to say!

And oh do y’all think there was some truth to what they said?

Naughty Corner episodes will be available on Youtube every Friday at 4 pm @Kuulpeeps

Just watch the video here and tell us what you think of these people’s answers lol:

And oh…if you enjoyed it, don’t be shy about sharing it!!

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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