All The Songs Shatta Wale Has Released In 2020

Shatta Wale (image via Instagram @Shattawalenima)
Shatta Wale (image via Instagram @Shattawalenima)

Unlike other artistes starving their fan base with little to no music, Shatta Wale overfills his fans with new music every single time.

It’s 2020 and some artistes are yet to drop new music but Shatta ale already has several songs out already and…they are bangers!

These are all the songs Shatta Wale has dropped this year

Akwele Take [Listen]

Top Speed [Listen]

Stay Kool [Listen]

The Ban [Listen]

Save Her Heart

Chacha ft Addi Self, Captan, Natty Lee [Listen]

Apple Juice [Listen]

Horny [Listen]

The list will be updated as and when he releases more songs


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