VIDEO: Stephanie Benson Plays With Her Husband’s Balls On Instagram

John Benson and Stephanie Benson

Have y’all seen Stephanie Benson’s Instagram???

Her posts are unfiltered, original and authentically her.

Anybody who knows Stephannie Benson knows that she doesn’t shy away from talking about sex.

She is currently promoting her latest single called ’69’ where she talks about the fact that she can do it all day.

According to her, she had the inspiration to compose the song after her husband, John Benson was unable to have sex with her because of a recent surgery.

In place of penetrative sex, Stephanie Benson says she and her husband opted for oral sex.

In a new Instagram video she posted on Instagram, Stephanie could be seen playing with her husband’s balls.

“My job is to make sure my husband Jon never forgets I’m there. Even if his balls have to suffer for it. The pay off for him is sweet though,” she captioned her video.

What are y’all doing to make yourselves unforgettable to your significant others?


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