#ThrowbackMusic: The Best Of Lil Shaker From His Skillions Days

Lil Shaker, before he became just Shaker (which some of you still refuse to acknowledge) was already a favourite in the music industry.

We knew him from the days of Skillions… a record label started by Jayso that had some of the most talented rappers in GH. Skillions gave us Killmatic, Joey B, Bra Kevin, Lil Shaker and others and were very popular around 2010/2011.

We would give you a history lesson on Skillions but… Let’s focus on the talented Shaker.

A day doesn’t go by without us thinking about his Skillions days and honestly, no matter what he makes, we will say these are some of our ALL TIME FAVOURITES from Lil Shaker.

And So What

‘And so what’ is what actually helped push Shaker right into the view of Jayso who went ahead to sign him to the Skillions record label. Lil Shaker’s style, his use of pidgin throughout… we just knew that we wanted to hear more from him and listen… the Wanlov feature was just perfect!


Every true Lil Shaker fan knows ALL the words to this song. The song featured Bra Kevin and Killmatic and… brilliance…it’s pure brilliance! Again, the song was nothing short of brilliant. It was such a creative approach to rap that was very new and heavily relatable and it was no wonder that the young people LOVED It.

Letter to Jackie Appiah

Everyone definitely remembers the video to this song. It’s definitely one of every Shaker fan’s favourite song. Lil Shaker hilariously talked about his obsession with the actress Jackie Appiah in his usual style that sounded so effortless, it was a joy listening to him.

Facebook Girl

Kwao Kese, Guru and Wanlov were external features on the song and they killed it! The hook… the hook was dope lol and if you do not remember this song, you are too young for this post. The remix came after the original song blew and it made sense cos it dropped at the time that Facebook was the cool social network to be on.


“Remove The Kenkey Shirt” Lol this was also one of the songs on Lil Shaker’s Birthday Mixtape with Skillions Records. In the same style, we had come to love and adore, Lil Shaker and Bra Kevin (clearly an iconic duo) told the story of how they tried to get a girl to “take her shirt off” so he could verify if she really had a tattoo or not.


This was also on the Birthday Mixtape. Ghallywood is one of the iconic songs from Skillions. The rappers had a good time rapping about the popular actresses in Naija and Ghana in the form of an argument and we enjoyed every second of it!

Lil Shaker came with a unique style that made all of his music quite interesting. He was doing something different and we loved it. Of course, he switched and became a bigger artiste when he started singing more… he became known as Captain Hook and has gone from giving us delicious hooks to giving us the ultimate ‘detty yourselves’ songs.

Lil Shaker (Shaker) is extremely talented and we can’t help but applaud this brilliant artiste!

Get nostalgic with Hello, Best I Eva Had and more on the Lil Shaker Birthday Mixtape which was released on his birthday years ago here: Birthday Mixtape

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