This Is Why Everyone Refers To Lil Shaker As Captain Hook

It’s Lil Shaker’s birthday today and we just want to give him all the fans he deserves for giving us the best hooks on some of our favourite songs!!

We knew him as a rapper until he decided to blow our minds with his ability to make any song a hit with his catchy hooks.

Every hook he does…e be fire pass!!

We saw him spoil there on a lot of songs like Facebook Girl but Lil Shaker went from giving us his dope songs with the badass hooks to becoming the missing ingredient in other artiste’s songs

These songs are the reason why Lil Shaker earned the name…Captain Hook

Sarkodie, Yaa Pono and Shaker – Talk Of GH

Remember the old song?? This was when we should have known that Shaker will own all hooks in a few years!

Sarkodie – Lies ft Lil Shaker

You definitely sang the hook out loud the minute you saw this right? That is the power of his hooks! Lil Shaker did amazing on this Sarkodie song and it’s actually safe to say this was the major beginning of the extra special package Lil Shaker was going to become.

E.L – See Me Suffer ft Shaker

See Me Suffer hit hard but it definitely became what it was because of that extra spice from Shaker. The man had just started warming up to becoming the killer hook-er we now worship and we are glad we are here to witness it all.

Edem – Koene remix ft Lil Shaker, Ice Queen

Nothing dey freak us pass Lil Shaker’s hook on this song and yes, it has everything to do with how the beat almost pauses and drops the second his verse comes on.


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