#ConfessionBox: Alo Pregnancy Scares, Abortions And Other Confessions That Shook Us This Week

Kuulpeeps.com continued with the second episode of Confession Box with Kalyjay (@Gyaigyimii) and as usual, the confessions that came in were overwhelming.

People had way too much to confess we had to select the ones that literally hit us in the face!

First, there was the story that proved that karma really exists

And this one… herh! Some games are way too expensive!!

This confession tho…

But herh…people!! Stop with the mogya fra relationships! Stay away from family and people who are underage!!!

What kind of fetish would you call this one??

What do guys really want kraaa??? A shy girl or one who knows what she wants?

A minute silence for this guy…

Can someone explain what this really means????

People clearly have a lot to get off their chest and we know you probably do too so follow @Kuulpeeps_ and @Gyaigyimii on Twitter and get your confessions ready every Wednesday at 8 pm.

Remember, your confessions are anonymous!

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