US Gives Nigeria Conditions For Reviewing And Lifting Visa Ban

Donald Trump and Muhammadu Buhari

The United States (US), through its ambassador to Nigeria, Mary Leonard, has revealed the condition on which it may review and possibly lift the visa ban on citizens of the country.

During a visit to the minister of labour and employment, Chris Ngige, Leonard said that the ban is a temporary decision, adding that it has nothing to do with character definition of Nigerians, The Nation reports.

The US envoy stated that there are possibilities that the ban will be done away with if Nigeria upgrades her data intelligence and ability to share vital information of each of its citizens intending to visit the US.

Explaining what led to the decision and nature of its consequences, Leonard said: “What Secretary Pompey said was something that was meant to be temporary.

“And it is about problems with information sharing, which are investigable, achievable and resolvable, and we look forward to Nigeria in a very short time being able to meet those information-sharing goal so that the decision can be reviewed.”

She went on to say that the visa ban does not affect the status of persons already resident in the US.

Meanwhile, reported that in a tweet by Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) on Monday, February 17, the image of the country was burnished despite the US visa ban that was placed on the country on Thursday, January 30.

The handle quoted the chairman of the commission, Abike Dabiri-Erewa, where she said that “Nigerians in Diaspora are the best across the world”.

The same tweet also has a video where CNN journalist, Fareed Zakaria, made a case for Nigerians against the ban, saying citizens of the country are the most educated in America.

In the same video, he spoke about how Nigerians have the highest purchasing power because they are highly placed in the American economy.

“Nigerian immigrants are the most educated in America and with the highest percentage of employed workers in the USA, holding jobs in management, business…,” he said.

He said that 58% of Nigerians of 25 years and older had at least a Bachelor’s degree when compared to 33% of USA, 56% of South Korean, 51% of Chinese, 50% of UK and 38% of German citizens.

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