This Is Why A Blonde Darkovibes Is All The Eye Candy We Need

image via Instagram//@Darkovibes

Darkovibes, member of the La Meme Gang is definitely one of everyone’s favourite artistes. He’s definitely the first of the gang that caught everyone’s attention.

Darkovibes’ talent is undeniable and he’s given us a number of songs that prove this but…one other thing we cannot deny is his style. His fashion sense is unique and no one can talk about his style without mentioning his hair.

Darkovibes and his gang definitely played a major role in inspiring the new generation of kids, proudly experimenting and showing off the different colours they can play with when it comes to their hair.

It’s very clear that he is definitely at the forefront of the dyed hair revolution among the youth.

He’s changed his hair colour a few times and has even currently adopted a new look that involves no dye and growing his moustache out but… every once in a while, he goes back to the Darkovibes we fell in love with.

The Blonde Darkovibes.

These are just 6 photos we hope inspires him to keep dying his hair blonde and will hopefully, inspire you too to going blonde!

Darkovibes 2.0 without any hair dye (image via Instagram//@Darkovibes)

Click the numbers below to see why Darkovibes’ blonde hair makes us fantasize every time.


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