Ghanaian Defender Leroy Kwadwo Gets Support From Opposing Team After Being Racially Abused

Preußen Munster fans supporting Leroy Kwadwo

World Football governing body, FIFA and UEFA in recent years have been doing a lot on and off the pitch to eliminate racism in football. But it seems that the harder these organisations try, the more we see football fans hurl racist chants at footballers with dark skin.

Just this weekend, FC Porto striker Moussa Marega had to leave the pitch after racist chants were hurled at him.

Another player who also suffered racist abuse is Ghanaian defender Leroy Kwadwo. But unlike Marega, Leroy Kwadwo was supported by players and fans of the opposing team.

A fan reportedly hurled racist slurs towards Leroy and when other fans saw it, they alerted security and the man was escorted out of the stadium. The opposing players hugged Leroy and the entire stadium stood up and chanted “Nazis Out!”, former CNN journalist Muhammad Lila reported.

After the game, Leroy Kwadwo issued a statement speaking on the issue of racism.

Leroy stated that the incident made him very sad and angry. He went ahead to state that “everyone has to know: #Racism doesn’t belong in OUR world. We all have the opportunity to tackle it and prevent it from happening.”

Leroy also thanked all the people in the stadium who showed him love and support within that moment.

“Your reaction is exemplary – you cannot imagine what it means to me and all other coloured players,” he stated.

Leroy also asked that “we must all continue to fight against it [Racism] just like YOU did and nip it in the bud!”

Leroy Kwadwo

Leroy Kwadwo is a 23-year-old German-Ghanaian footballer who plays as a centre-back for Würzburger Kickers.


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