Video: KSM Gets Stunned By His Son Blackway’s Rap Skills

KSM and Blackway

For about a week now, M.anifest’s #beat2challenge has been trending on Twitter and a lot of young talented Ghanaian rappers have been participating in the challenge.

M.anifest released a freestyle titled Beat 2 to confirm the announcement of him as the brand ambassador of Absa Bank Ghana Limited. Beat 2 which was produced by MikeMillzOnEm received a lot of good ratings after it was released.

Manifest later uploaded the instrumental and asked rappers to hop on the beat and show how lyrically gifted they are — and that’s how the #beat2challenege started.

The latest rapper to join the #beat2challenge is Blackway, the son of renowned Ghanaian satirist, KSM.

The bars that Blackway dropped on the beat are HOT!!! Blackway actually killed it!

There were a lot of reactions to Blackway’s submission… but one person who was really stunned by the bars that Blackway dropped was his dad.

KSM quoted his son’s post with a surprise emoji!

KSM must be a very proud dad!

About Blackway:

Blackway whose official name is Yaw Sintim-Misa was born in Brooklyn in the United States of America but grew up in Ghana till the age of 13 when he returned to the States to live with his mother.

He started pursuing music at the age of 15. The praise from his family and friends encouraged him to continue making music, leading to approval from people in the music industry. He writes music based on inspiration and happenings in his life and the people around him.

Blackway created What’s Up Danger one of the official soundtracks for the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The soundtrack he created was the first on the official soundtrack of the animation movie. He, however, earned a Grammy nomination for the soundtrack during the 2020 Grammys.


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