Pornhub Is Offering Free Access To Their Premium Service Today

It’s Valentine’s Day today and we know that some of you are going to shed a few tears because:

1. You’re gnashing and

2. You’re gnashing.

But it’s fine…Pornhub has got you all on their mind!

Those gnashing and those who aren’t. Let’s face it, a lot of you will be fornicating today and they want to give you that extra boost!

The well-known porn company tweeted this morning that it’s giving out its Premium package for free all day today!!

Image via Pornhub

Pornhub’s premium service usually requires credit card payment but this time, no credit card, no money…just pure love from a company that cares about you all.

We know most of you will laugh and tease but…you’d probably try the link anyway just to see and if you enjoy it…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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