The Sad Way Women Sabotage Their Chances Of Having A Romantic Val’s Day Every Single Year

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Ladies, we’re here to reveal a secret: Most guys deeply detest Valentine’s Day. 

What may seem like a day showered with romance and champagne to you, is, for many guys, a day they feel obligated to bend over backwards to please you with just the right gift and just the right choice of restaurants. And we pity any guy who does not get it “just right.”

Ladies may we please remind you that he just spent a lot of money and effort finding that perfect Christmas gift for you. That was less than two months ago.

While you may think your guy spends most of his time thinking of new ways to please you, the reality is, to a regular guy, creating perfect romantic situations is not particularly easy to do.

Be honest for a minute: Do you really believe that a box of Godiva and a dozen overpriced roses given on this specific day really show his love — and that lack of either token is proof that your mother was right, he is a “no-good-bum” not worthy of your pinky’?

If you said yes, you’re living in a fantasy world. Good luck to you, Sleeping Beauty, on facing reality when you get that harsh wake-up call.

There are ways you can have an Instagram brag-worthy Valentine’s Day without leaving your man in a poor house (or a mental institution). So, don’t ruin Valentine’s Day this year by demanding displays of his love on society’s terms.

Put some actual love into the holiday. Here’s how: 

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