The Luxurious Cars We Spotted In Kwame Despite’s Son’s Wedding Convoy


The first son of Kwame Despite, heir to the Despite Group of Companies is getting married to his girlfriend today. Okay maybe not married but…he’s starting the process today!

Several people stood along the streets to watch the Despite family go to the bride to be’s house at Trassaco for the Knocking ceremony in a long convoy and…we don’t blame them!

The convoy was not just a long one with just any car. It was a beautiful display of luxurious cars driving along the East Legon streets to Trassacco!

We were able to identify some of the cars!!!

Range Evoque

Image result for Range evoque
image via Ken Garff automotive Group

Mansory Sport G Wagon

Image result for Mansory sport G wagon
image via Youtube

Vintage Rolls Royce

Image result for rolls royce 1962
image via Mecum auctions

2019 Rolls Royce Phantom VIII.

Image result for 2019 rolls royce
image via OGara


Image result for Maserati convertible

McLaren 720 S

Image result for p one car
image via Autocart

Aston Martin

Image result for aston martin 2014
image via wiki commons


Image result for Bbentley
image via


Image result for tesla red
image via Fine Art America

Now take a look at the cars in all their glory on the streets of Accra


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