Ghanaian Photographer Solomon N. N. Tetteh Wins Agora Images Best Photo Of #Friends2020

image via twitter / Solomonjnr

Ghanaian self-taught photographer Solomon N. N. Tetteh has won Agora Images Best Photo of #Friends2020. He wins a cash amount of $1000.

The announcement was made on Agora Image’s official twitter page.

Solomonjnr took to twitter to express his joy: He posted.

Ladies and Gentlemen!!
We did it!
We are the Hero’s of #Friends2020
. A big thank You to the team at @Agoraimages for the platform and opportunity!!!
To everyone who took their time to head on to the page when I shared the link, GOD richly bless You!!
I’m truly grateful!!

The image below won Solomonjnr the award. In the image, two kids are seen playing with water and a cup over their heads. This scene depicts the most common experience with most Ghanaians growing up. Where kids play with water(or bathing outside).

 #Friends2020 image via solomonjnr

Unlike any other contest, the #AGORAawards2019, in its fourth year and open to professional and amateur photographers who can join for free, recognizes the single most-voted photo of the year, without any photography genre categories.

Last year Michael Aboya Ghanaian photographer also won the prestigious award “The Best Photo of the Year” by Agora Images.

He’s got amazing pictures you can check it out.

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RUSHING IN – 11-10-19 In my not-so-long ago of learning how to fly the drone, I one day took the drone to one of my favorite locations (Butcher Bay) to go capture the early morning sunrise. On getting there, I realized I had left the cable that connects between my phone and the controller. The scene was beautiful and I had already envisioned the drone shot and angle I wanted to capture from. Returning back home to get the cable was a no no. Distance and time would let me miss the scene. Good thing I went along with my DSLR even tho it was extra weight. I pulled it out and took a couple of pics to preserve the beauty. I was actually glad on seeing the outcome of the pics. I thought to myself, would I have gotten similar expression from the drone shot? Would I have been able to capture the moment? As I was still learning and figuring my way out by then. I couldn't tell for sure. Yesterday, Mr Bob said to me "Don't forget your DSLR". It was like a wake up call. I realized how much I miss shooting with my DSLR. Picking out the details in the locations to capture in my frame 😩 Going the extra mile, risking my gadgets at the expense of a shot… sigh. I've become so attached to this drone shots that I'd rather stay home, fly the drone and just have a portion of the ocean in view with either the sun setting or rising. Well, here is to a new beginning of orderliness. I'm picking up my DSLR again. Not gonna ask my friend for the drone for sometime. I need to build a healthy balance between this two (the drone and DSLR). Rushing In… My perspective of the year so far. One would say, "Gone By Too Soon." I really didn't expect us to get here this fast. But in all, I'm grateful I made it this far as well as yourself. November – My birth month. Growth… hmph! Happy New Month and GOD bless!

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