Angry Twitter Users React To Burna Boy Calling Himself “The Best Since Fela Kuti”

Yesterday, Burna Boy tweeted that he is the best artiste to come out of Nigeria since Fela Kuti and Twitter went crazy.

A fan mentioned that he had no right to call himself the best because other artistes basically paved the way for him to shine but Burna Boy wouldn’t have that. He hit back saying “Nobody paved sh*t” for him and basically said he is the one paving the way for people.

His response was met with a lot of backlash and Twitter users, clearly irritated by what he said have done nothing but bash him and remind him that

Most people think he’s just being arrogant and proud and no one really understands why he thinks he’s the best when there are other Nigerian artistes who have done a lot for the Naija music industry.

Others just think he should be left alone

And of course, there are the people who will use every opportunity they get to just… fool.

What do you think? Is Burna Boy being proud? or he is telling the truth!

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