Food VOGUE: 4 Food Joints That Never Go Wrong With Their Fufu

Fufu just might be Ghana’s national food because almost everyone is obsessed with it!

For the ‘foreigners’ who do not know, fufu is a well-known dish made from pounding boiled cassava and plantain together till it becomes a smooth ball of well erm…fufu!

It can be eaten with light soup, groundnut soup, palmnut soup with a variety of meat. Some even like to add some boiled egg to the whole meal like gods.

We spoke to food enthusiast and blogger, Food VOGUE (@Foodvo_gh on Instagram) and she pointed out her favourite places to eat fufu any time the craving hits!

Bantama Avenue (East Legon)

Nukabite (Abelenkpe)

Living Room (East Legon)

Abaase (Asylum Down, not far from the NPP headquarters)

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