Every Reason Why Akuapem Poloo And Cardi B Can Be Best Friends

Akuapem Poloo made the news when she twerked for Cardi B at the controversial celebrity Meet And Greet at Kempinski. It’s not new seeing Akuapem Poloo twerk but, the fact that Cardi B joined her was all it took to make her video go viral

After that twerkfest, it looks like Cardi B took a liking to Akuapem Poloo and posted her on Instagram with the caption “My Twin”

That was all the confirmation Poloo needed to officially call Cardi B her sister. She’s done nothing but talk about her all the time since then and in as much as people keep complaining and wondering why she keeps talking about the American rapper, here’s every reason why we think the two really are twins!

They’ve both got banging bodies!!

Akuapem Poloo

Akuappem Poloo (image via Instagram)

Cardi B



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