The Wannabe Astronaut Who Is Creating His Own Space In A Crowded Music Scene

Moor Sound in Emergers 2020. Photo Credit:
Moor Sound in Emergers 2020. Photo Credit:

As a child, Isaac Kweku Asrifi Bimpong, now widely known as Moor Sound wanted to be an astronaut. He loved the idea of travelling to space, thankfully his love for mathematics was an asset for him to achieve his goal.

After senior high school, Moor Sound successfully sat and passed the A-level which helped him to secure admission to a university in Canada.

However, that dream was cut short when his father suffered a stroke.

That unfortunate incident somehow put him on the path of becoming the person he is today.

Seated in a swivel chair in front of the African print backdrop for Emergers 2020 – the Colour Edition, Moor Sound recounted how his family decided that he should give up studying in Canada and secure admission at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) instead.

With his dream of becoming an astronaut now shattered, Moor Sound decided to read Actuarial Science at the university.

I said to myself that I would still pursue a mathematics course, that is why I ended up studying Actuarial Science at KNUST not because I was crazy about insurance, Moor Sound said in an interview with as he slowly moved to his left and right in the swivel chair.

It was at KNUST that his journey into music started. As a student, Moor Sound was living beyond what his allowance from his parents would provide.

“To make more money, I decided to get a job as a DJ,” he said.

He managed to convince a friend of his who was managing a bar called XO Lounge on Kumasi to give him the DJ gig. That earned him GHS 200 a night anytime he played. This was back in 2012.

“The bar frequented by Nigerians, I became popular among them and that’s when I realised that he could more make money because that helped him to DJ at Unprecedented All Black Affairs (UABA) party and other exclusive events,” he said.

However, it was only a matter of time when playing other people’s music became boring to Moor Sound. He would then focus his attention on learning how to make beats.

His big ah-ha moment came in 2014 when EL dropped his hit song “Agbadza”. EL, one of the A-list artiste back in 2014 released his song which was produced by Kuvie, who happened to be Moor Sound’s primary school mate at the Ghana International School.

Moor Sound idolised Kuvie at that moment so much so that, he knew Kuvie was the key to him breaking into the mainstream Ghanaian music scene.

He reached out to Kuvie at BBNZ where the two talked about music and Moor Sound’s wish to venture into music production.

Kuvie, the helpful friend, taught Moor Sound how to use Fruity Loops, a software used to make music and that was when he started learning how to make music.

Kuvie taught me where to put the snare and the kicks

– Moor Sound

It would take Moor Sound another three years of learning to perfect his craft before he would get a chance to work on professional music.

This started when he landed a job as a Music Producer at RGG Studios which is owned by Foreign Local.

While there, a chance meeting with Copta before he landed his job at RGG Studios would mark the foundation stages of Moor Sound’s music production career.

“Copta is one of the very first artistes who believed in me,” Moor Sound said.

“I am grateful to Copta for giving me the chance to record, mix and master his album – ‘Finer Things’. It was my first time and a big learning curve for me,” he added.

From ‘Finer Things, Moor Sound would go on to work with Magnom, Kidblack, Spacely, King Joey and other amazing musicians who are now commanding airplay on radio and television.

What gives me the drive to that is because I know somebody like Magnom. Magnom made ‘My Baby’ in 2017 and in 2019 that song was still relevant.

– Moor Sound

Today, Moor Sound’s collaborative EP with Kidblack called “Here for a Good Time, Not a Long Time” remains his most successful and talked about project yet.

“Music has always been a part of my life… because of my dad… from my piano learning days in primary school, me joining the school band in JHS, becoming the Entertainment Prefect in SHS and starting my DJ job in tertiary which then led me to music producing… Music has always been present in my life,” Moor Sound said as we drew our interview to close, just in time for the photographers, who were now ready for the photoshoot, to start photographing him.

That was after Moor Sound said “not realising my dreams which is making as much money as an astronaut even though I am not an astronaut,” is his biggest fear in life.

Watch Moor Sound, The Wannabe Astronaut Talk About How He Is Creating His Own Space In Music Below:


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