Kim Kardashian’s Vintage Dress At The ‘Vanity Fair’ Oscars Party Was A Christmas Gift From Kanye

Kim and Kanye

Kim Kardashian went all out for her outfit at the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscars Party, donning a vintage Alexander McQueen Oyster dress. Her outfit definitely turned heads thanks to its extravagant design, and Metropolitan Museum of Art curator Andrew Bolton even called it “arguably the most important dress of the 21st century.”

As Kim revealed on the Vanity Fair red carpet, the dress was actually a gift from husband Kanye West.

“Kanye got me this for Christmas,” Kardashian told Vanity Fair. “He, for Christmas…kinda filled up my closet with some really vintage, spectacular museum-like pieces. … I knew I had to wear it to something special, and I didn’t know what, so when we were talking about plans I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, we have to do this for Oscar night.'”

One of only two ever produced, as Harpers Bazaar reports, the dress has been called “a poetic rendering of a disaster at sea.” As the Metropolitan Museum of Art explained, “The hem of the skirt, like the wavy lip of a giant mollusk, further emphasises the seashell quality of the gown.”

The dress was created for Alexander McQueen’s spring/summer 2003 collection and was tracked down at Beverly Hills store Lily Et Cie, which focuses on archival designer fashion.

Source: Complex

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