Create A Playlist With 7 Of Ebony’s Most Iconic Songs

The late Afrobeats/Dancehall artiste, Ebony

Ebony was such an amazing artist and even though we lost her in the month of February two years ago, we definitely will never forget her music.

It’s actually amazing how a day does not go by without hearing her music being played somewhere.

Events are never the same without at least one song from her!

She gave us some awesome stuff and we just cannot help but point out that these are the most iconic out of the lot!

Poison ft Gatdoe

Mention one person who does not the words to this song and we will call the police on them. The ultimate love song from Ebony.

Date Your Fada

The iconic words… “If you break my heart, I go date your fada”. Tell us these words did not empower you in some way at the time the song dropped and we will take this off our list!!!


Ask anyone what their top 3 songs from Ebony are and they will definitely add Sponsor and go-ahead to sing all the words to the song!!

Hustle ft Brella

A Queen who understands that the people deserve a song about hustling!! Ebony’s Hustle is basically every working person’s prayer. The fast-paced beat makes it the perfect detty yourself song too and y’all know everyone’s been jamming to it ever since it dropped!

Maame Hw3

This was the last video we got from Ebony right before she died the next few months. The video came as a shock for many because it was quite different from her usual sexual innuendo songs. Ebony sang about domestic violence in relationships in a heartfelt and solemn way…one we did not expect and…she killed it!


A gospel song? from Ebony? No one expected it but it came and it was so good!!! There were even theories around the song where people insisted that the song was proof that she ‘repented’ right before that horrendous accident that took her life.


This song was part of her album which was released posthumously. This song gave fans a peek at what Ebony was really capable of. The song showed off her voice in a way that definitely had people grieving even more just thinking about the talent she was yet to unearth for Ghanaians

Ebony has been dearly missed and her memory will forever remain through her timeless songs!


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