#BroomChallenge: What It Is And Why People Are Doing It

The Broom Challenge (credit: pinterest)

The broom challenge has been trending on social media since yesterday. Social media users have been posting videos on the various platforms of broom standing on its own.

But, what sparked the broom challenge and why are people doing it? We will tell you…

It was rumoured that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced the Earth’s rotation would be in ‘perfect balance’ on February 10, and therefore it will be possible for a broom to balance by standing on its own. However, NASA did not make an announcement that the Earth’s gravitational pull around the spring equinox will cause brooms to stand upright without assistance.

A broom can stand on its own any day if it is properly balanced on bristles and not just on February 10… so it is a hoax guys, it has no scientific basis, don’t believe it!

Here are some #broomchallenge videos that we found on Twitter:


source: kuulpeeps.com

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