6 Throwback Photos Of Sarkodie And Tracy That Made Us Believe In Love Again

Sarkodie and Tracy are definitely the ‘oldest’ celebrity couple in Ghana right now.

No, we aren’t saying they are old in age but, they dated for the longest time before they even sealed their relationship in a beautiful wedding and their love has been strong for as long as Sarkodie’s music career.

Sarkodie explained in an interview, years back that he had a crush on Tracy but he had to wait to get her attention because she had a boyfriend at the time.

The two have kept their love life very private and we still don’t know the details of how they met but we know that the minute Tracy noticed Sarkodie too and agreed to date him, they have been inseparable since!!

It took time but they finally got married in July 2018 after the birth of their beautiful baby girl, Titi in 2017.

If their love story doesn’t make you go awwn, you definitely have a stone-cold heart!

Just look at them from waaaaay back!

image via social media

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