The Inspiring Story Of A Man Who Obtained His PhD While Living In A Mud House

Tshilidzi Nenzhelele sharred his story on Facebook (credit: Facebook/ImStaying)

A man has taken to social media to show just how full of possibilities life is to those who work hard.

Tshilidzi Nenzhelele started off living in a mud hut but did not let those circumstances stop him from obtaining his PhD.

Tshilidzi Nenzhelele (credit: Facebook/ImStaying)

Nenzhelele shared his story on the Facebook #ImStaying group. He narrated how he used to live in a mud hut and ride on a donkey cart for transportation.

Despite these circumstances, he studied further and managed to obtain his PhD.

“You can change as long as you are sick and tired of your current status. Almost every person who broke a world record was once sick and tired of seeing the same record,” he said.

He encouraged fellow South Africans to reach beyond the minimum in order to achieve a better future.

“Focus, act, it’s possible,” Tshilidzi Nenzhelele added.

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