Stripper Falls Off A Two-Storey 15-FT Pole, Gets Up And Keeps Twerking

A stripper in Texas proved she’s got nerves of steel and fantastic muscle memory hopping right back into a twerking routine after taking a 15-foot fall off a pole.

The girl’s name is Genea Sky, and she seriously injured herself this weekend at a gentlemen’s club in the Lone Star State where she was performing onstage and hiked up a super tall pole that some people say reached the two-story mark only to go tumbling down.

In all seriousness, though, it was a nasty fall. And, it sounds like the dancer took some lumps as a result Genea later took to social media to announce she’d fractured her jaw, cracked some of her teeth, sprained her ankle and needed stitches, plus surgery.

Genea ends up falling on her face from that high up, but what’s even crazier … she almost immediately bounces right back up and starts twerking from all fours. What a pro!!!

Now, a ton of people have made jokes about the video — which as since gone viral. Even 50 Cent has weighed in, jokingly saying she must’ve died and that the nerves are what made her shake afterwards. That said, Genea notes there’s nothing funny about her predicament.

In fact, one of her good friends even went so far as to create a GoFundMe for Genea to help cover her medical expenses. So far, it’s already racked up over $13k out of a $20k goal.

Source: TMZ

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