How A Young Man On Twitter Owned Valentine’s Day Before The 14th

Before you scream or say “and so?” ask yourself this:

“Do I have a valentine at all?”

Valentine’s day is almost here and for this particular guy, there is no way he will be gnashing.

In fact, Valentine’s started very early for him!

@Dee_Sackey first caught everyone’s attention when Doughman foods mentioned someone had anonymously ordered doughnuts for him.

Apparently, his ‘Anonymous (Anon)’ had a budget of GHc500

Everyone’s mind borst cos… GHc500?!!!! For doughnuts???

While everyone had something to say, @Dee_sackey got his first deposit of the bofrot 5 meelien the next day

It didn’t end there.

He anonymously received another gift: boxer shorts with an adorable note attached lol!

He received that one too, the next day!

Yeah at this point, everyone shock, including the receiver himself!

Someone was anonymously raising the bar too high for the Ghana Girlfriends Association and the person (or people) wasn’t stopping!!!

@Dee_Sackey got another gift…anonymously from Abele walls.

69 pieces of the ice cream (we know the number is definitely significant!) with a very serious message attached! “I want his abele between my walls”

And finally, just this morning, he received another one! Lunch from NyoNyo GH!

@Dee_Sackey practically owns February now! People thought February was all for the ladies but he’s proven that it’s time to show the gentlemen some love too.

We love a beautiful love story on Twitter even if it’s from multiple girls (or maybe a guy) We hope there’s a climax to all of this and we want to see it ALL!!

And yeah, ladies…step up dears! The bar has been raised!

And @Dee_Sackey… whatever your gbala is, please share!


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