The 5 Stages of A Relationship Explained, With The Help Of R2Bees

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You know how music sets the tone of a lot of storylines in movies?

Just play each of the following R2bees songs while you relate with these stages in a relationship.

This is a story of the tingling sensation you feel in the beginning of the relationship, down to the part where you get heartbroken.

Stage 1: The Ronning Stage (Slow Down ft Wizkid)

This song is everything you do when you start ronning your crush. From the “Slow down, let me talk to you” to the “I wanna make you my number one” to promising them diamond rings…this song is the perfect theme music while you ron your crush.

Stage 2: The “I Dey Fall” Stage (Could This Be Love ft Efya)

This song is exactly how you feel when you start catching feelings. “Could this be love? Is this forever?” These are the questions you definitely ask yourself when you realize you are catching feelings. This is the stage where you keep re-reading your chats and stare at their pictures wondering if you should make it official already.

Stage 3: The Blissful Romantic phase (Beautiful)

Just like the early stages of every relationship, everything is beautiful. Y’all are happy and you are so sure that this is your last stop. Like Omar Sterling said so eloquently in the song, you “dey on the floor dey crawl” because you fall pass.

Stage 4: The Babe, Are we okay” phase (Hello Baby)

The love of your life is acting funny but it’s probably your fault (you think) so you need to reassure them that they are the only ones for you. This is when you reminisce about how you two met, talk about the love you have for them and of course ask them to show you more love if nothing is wrong. Like our music idols said in the song, “Baby I want some more, I need some more of you for sure”

Stage 5: The “My Chest Dey Pain Me” stage (Makoma)

Alas, the inevitable has happened! Lol, you saw the signs but you ignored it. The love of your life broke your heart and now, you can only hear Mugeez singing “Kwasia ani te aaa na abregu ooo” while you cry silently in your room.

Heartbreaks happen but you’d find love someday.

Don’t let Valentine’s Day tension you.


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