Check Out 10 Amazing Pictures From The Ghanaian Photographer, Joey Dutch

Source: Joey Dutch Photography

Ghanaian photographers are doing the absolute most on social media and we are here for all of it. From the very smooth skin that they used to edit (some still do though) to the more realistic pictures which capture all the details of the skin even though they’ve worked on it.

One of the people who do great skin work is @joeydutch and if you’ve never seen his pictures on social media, you’re sorely missing out on a lot of good stuff. He tries to keep his pictures as natural as possible even if there’s makeup on the model’s face.

He does some bikini and nude photography too which are all conceptualized and come off looking different. You tend to see the art that is nudity and forget that it’s just someone’s naked body.

Here are 10 facts we can bet you didn’t know about him and some pictures from his page you should feast your eyes on.

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