6 times Efia Odo Showed Us She’s Comfortable In Her Own Skin

Efia Odo

2020 is all about claiming what is yours. Your power, your voice; everything that is yours.

Nobody needs to dictate to you how you need to live your life since it’s yours and yours alone. If you’re religious and you believe that you’ll have to answer to your deity when you die, that is also there. But so far as you aren’t hurting anyone and you’re living your life wild and free, you’re really good.

One person that keeps teaching us this lesson over and over again is Efia Odo and we stan her for it. Day in day out, a lot of people have things to say about how she dresses but keeps proving to us that whatever you think is your own problem cuz she’s here to do her work, live life and have fun.

Here are 6 times Efia Odo showed us more skin than we anticipated.

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