Uber Blocks Drivers Who Picked Up Man Infected With Coronavirus


Uber has suspended hundreds of customer accounts in Mexico, after discovering two of its drivers had transported a passenger infected with the coronavirus.

The company said it had suspended 240 passenger accounts, as well as the two drivers, just in case the drivers had contracted the virus and passed it on.

It said none of them had developed any symptoms, but it would continue to monitor the situation.

The affected passengers will not be able to use Uber for two weeks.

Mexico’s Ministry of Health said a passenger “of Chinese origin” had taken a flight from Los Angeles to Mexico City on 20 January.

The man then visited tourist attraction sites, museums and shops in Mexico City, for two days.

He started feeling ill on the evening of 21st January, and the next day took an Uber back to the airport.

When he arrived back in the United States he was tested positive for coronavirus.

At present, there have been no confirmed coronavirus infections in Mexico.

However, it can take about two weeks for symptoms to develop.

Uber said it had suspended the drivers and the 240 passengers who had been in their vehicles after the infected passenger, as a precaution.

It said it had also sent them information about where to get healthcare information.

Mexico’s Ministry of Health said it was monitoring the situation.

It said officers had also visited the Hilton Mexico City Reforma hotel, where the infected man had stayed, to check on staff.

It warned that the man would have been infectious, but no hotel staff have developed symptoms yet.

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source: BBC

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