Female Ghanaian Police Officer Receives A Medal Of Honour From The United Nations

Ghanaians are everywhere, lifting the flag of Ghana and flying it as high as they could wherever they are.

The entertainers are doing it, those in academics are doing it, the engineers and architects are doing it, so are those in the security services.

Deputy Superintendent of Police, Vera Ayensu, is currently serving for peace as a United Nations Police Officer.

She is now part of the United Nations’ peacekeeping efforts in South Sudan.

DSP Ayensu was recently honoured with a medal by the United Nations for “her selfless service to the people of South Sudan,” according to a report from the United Nations. ⠀

“When the women in the protection of civilians site see me at dawn, in charge of and training male colleagues, they look at me as a motivator and inspiration,” Vera is quoted to have said by the United Nations. ⠀⠀

“I’m passionate about the UN because it is a platform for learning, a place where you acquire new knowledge,” Vera reportedly added.

“I have decided to work with the UN with all my heart and my strength,” she said reflecting the values of the Ghana National Pledge.

Vera’s honour was announced by the United Nations’ international Instagram account.

Congratulations to DSP Vera Ayensu!!!

Source: Kuulpeeps.Com

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