Dahlin Gage’s Nude Video Vixen Claims She Has Not Been Paid

image via Dahlin Gage's Youtube

In December last year, Dahlin Gage dropped a new music video for his song “Bedtime”.

The video started quite normally. Dahlin Gage seated with a lady in a bathrobe. Their winks and the words in the song all showed that yes, they are attracted to each other and something may go down.

We really thought it’d be one of those sexy videos where a scantily clad woman snakes her way all over the bed and floor while the fully clothed male artiste (he may show some chest if he’s willing) sings or raps into the camera.

Dahlin Gage gave us that until we saw a shot where the lady lies on the bed naked. Was there any shock? Yes, but Dahlin decided that nope, we all need to see how she ended up naked so…he proceeded to show us how he undressed the girl.

There was no sex in the video but…we can tell the artiste left the girl all hot and bothered what with all the ass grabbing, body licking and boob squeezes while he sang about his sexual prowess and his “stick”.

Now, the girl who played the video vixen role claims she has not been paid for her services.

This came after the comedian, DKB released a video calling out Kobi Rana to pay him the GHS 500 he owed him.

DKB’s video was also in reaction to Kofi Adjorlolo’s ballistic interview where he accused film producers of failing to pay him for acting roles.

While commenting under DKB’s video on Instagram, Shnell, who was the video vixen said Dahlin Gage has refused to pay her.

“That is their ungrateful behaviour… most of these musicians singing nothing but making noise will work with you and pay you nothing,” Shnell who goes by the Instagram handle shnell_model wrote.

“I shot a music video with one stupid boy called Dahlin Gage he never paid a coin!” she added.

Watch Dahlin Gage’s ‘Bedtime’ below:

Source: Kuulpeeps.Com

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