Meet The Himba Tribe Who Don’t Bath & Offer Free Sex To Guests


The Himba people in Namibia are a unique set of people whose culture has a twist that most people will frown upon.

The Himba are often called the Ovahimba or Omhimba people who live in the Kunene region of Namibia. If you are wondering why this tribe is strange, we can tell you one of their cultures.

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They give sex for free to their guests and also they adorn newborn with bead necklaces.

As if these are not enough, the tribe lives in isolation and are wary of external contacts.

The people work hard to ensure that their beliefs and culture is not contaminated in any form by outsiders.

Meet the Himba tribe: Offer FREE S3X to guest; and don’t bath
A woman and child of the Himba tribe

You can see why we are curious to know these people who have not accepted civilization.

The Himba people are predominately livestock breeders and farmers while their women are preoccupied with gathering firewood, cooking and serving meals and sourcing for freshwater.


Some of the villagers are socially inclined and very religious, reversing and worshipping their ancient gods. Their supreme being is called Mukuru. The way they communicate with their God is through the holy fire. The smoke of the holy fire rises towards heaven, which enables them to communicate with their ancestors who stand in direct contact with the Supreme Being. 

Polygamy is welcome and young girls are married off at their early ages. Though polygamy is not peculiar in Africa, it is practised widely on the continent.

One of the most remarkable Himba traits is that women are not allowed to use water for washing. This implies themselves and also their clothes. Again, according to the elderly, this dates back to the great droughts where water was scarce, and only men were allowed access to water for washing purposes. Apart from applying red ochre on their skin, Himba women do take a daily smoke bath to maintain personal hygiene. They will put some smouldering charcoal into a little bowl of herbs (mostly leaves and little branches of Commiphora trees) and wait for the smoke to ascend. After that, they will bow over the smoking bowl, and due to the heat, they will start perspiring. For a full-body wash, they cover themselves with a blanket so that the smoke gets trapped underneath the fabric.

smoke bath

The people are friendly to strangers and visitors but will not allow any interference in their culture.



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