How Movie Lessons From Vin Diesel On Fast And Furious Saved A Ghanaian On The Motorway


It’s a commonly held belief that movies are created to teach us vital life lessons.

These can include how to love, to be kind, among others.

For some of us, that’s how we learned to speak good English, movies exposed us to a world that is far beyond our own.

However, for one Twitter user, the lessons he picked from movies are life-saving lessons.

Eqow Mclean, took to Twitter to share how the lessons he picked up from watching Vin Diesel in the Fast and Furious movies actually saved his life.

According to Eqow, his breaks failed while driving on the motorway – the motorway is a high-speed road in Ghana and vehicles using this road usually drive on top speed.

To save the situation, Eqow, said he veered off the road, however, his car wouldn’t stop.

That is when he said he remembered a scene from the Fast and Furious movies.

“Then I remembered Vin Diesel used reverse and handbrake to stop a car,” Mclean tweeted.

He managed to save his life and protect his car.

Movies are not just for entertainment – Eqow Mclean is proof of that!


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