4 Most Common Ways Women Sabotage Their Chances Of Meeting ‘The One’

Latin woman flirting with african american man outdoor in a park love Image source: iStock

“I keep picking the wrong guys and when I do have a connection with someone, it never works out!”

“Why won’t he text me back? Did I say the wrong thing?”

“We had a great date and then he just ghosted. Is something wrong with me?”

Sound familiar?

Dating and falling in love in the modern world can be tough — especially when you tend to self-sabotage yourself, most of the time without even knowing it!

You can learn how to find love by approaching dating differently. There is plenty of dating advice and tips available now and, yet, many people still end up in relationships that are wrong for them.

There seems to be a misconception among females that dating and looking for love in the modern world means accepting just about anyone that swipes right on your profile and hoping they turn out to be someone you can tolerate.

However, this mindset is what spurns many women to make many mistakes in their search for a relationship.

Here are the 4 ways you self-sabotage finding love.

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