10 Footballers With A Mad Fashion Sense

Gareth Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo, Hector Bellerin

In the current era of social media and paparazzi, snaps and style have become almost as important to football players as their performances on the pitch, Instagram profiles taking centre stage for the beautiful game’s biggest stars.

To mark the unquestionable influence that fashion has in modern-day football, 90min has put together a list comprising of 10 footballers with the most outlandish yet stylish tastes in fashion.

Let the countdown commence. 

10. David Ginola

Not only was the man an extremely talented footballer but he made a good model, too.

His long locks were a sight to behold in the late 90s, when foreign players weren’t as widely heard of in the Premier League. The guy was on the catwalk for Cerruti, does it get any more stylish than that?


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